Aqua Salveo Water Sanitising Drops 30ml

Aqua Salveo Water Sanitising Drops 30ml

The Aqua Salveo point-of-use water disinfectant was first and foremost designed to disinfect contaminated and polluted human drinking water.

Aqua Salveo contains minute traces of silver that are safe for humans, but deadly to disease causing organisms such as fungi, parasites, protozoa and certain viruses.

The Copper, Silver and Zinc active in Aqua Salveo destroy more than 99.9% of all bacteria present in your drinking water.

SABS tests show that 3 drops per litre makes even the most infected water safe to drink within 30 – 60 minutes. After water is treated with Aqua Salveo, it will remain safe for 24 months in storage.

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Aqua Salveo Water Sanitising Drops 30ml


  • Affordable and economical.
  • Effective against bacteria generally found in water.
  • Improves both the taste and quality of treated water.
  • Extends the shelf life of treated and stored water, even at a temperature of 35.
  • Degrees Celsius up to a period of 6 months as per SABS stability testing.
  • Easy to use – Instructions easily understood by foreigners and illiterates.
  • Shelf life of at least 5 years.
  • Does not require refrigeration – can be stored at room temperature.
  • Treated water is harmless to the environment.

Applications – Suitable For:

  • Occasional use only.
  • Camping, caravanning, hiking, mountain climbing, 4 x 4 expeditions, sailing (use in boat water tanks), traveling to remote areas, etc.
  • For use in rain tanks for drinking water during drought/water restriction periods Disaster recovery, floods, and emergency situations.
  • Cholerae or Typhoid epidemics
  • Disaster recovery, floods, and emergency situations.
  • Cholerae or Typhoid epidemics.


  • Complies with World Wide Standards for Water Sanitation.
  • Complies with both SABS and WHO specifications.
  • Active ingredients are within world limits for safe and continuous use.
  • Tested in SABS and SANAS World Wide accredite4d Laboratories.
  • SABS Mark 1827 – Certified for use in food industry.
  • Approved for use by SANDF
  • Approved for use by South African Air Force.
  • Approved for use by South African Navy.