Cooler Clean – Rinse 1lt

Cooler Clean – Rinse 1lt

CoolerClean Rinse has been especially designed to sanitize and decontamiante the interior parts of the water cooler.
The 250ml Tip & Measure bottle has a convenient dosing chamber, allowing you to easily measure the required 25ml (in the case of a 1.7lt water reservoir).

Therefore one bottle contains sufficient product for 10 sanitizations.The sanitization can be carried out on site, without having to remove the water cooler or water reservoir.

This means that even a reservoir that is designed to be removed need not be disassembled, reducing the chance of leakage.

All one has to do is add 25ml of CoolerClean rinse to the water in the water tank (note: you need not initially drain the water tank of water) leaving it to work for 5 minutes, before flushing it out.

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Cooler Clean – Rinse 1lt


• Designed specifically as a disinfection and oxidizing agent for the reservoir inside water coolers
• Suitable for use with bottle-type and direct-connection (POU) dispensers
• Volume – 1 liter
• Contents – Hydrogen Peroxide (5%), carriers, stabilizers
• Dosage – 25ml per 1.7lt water
• Storage – Avoid direct sunlight
• Removes Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and Biofilm with a 5-minute contact time
• Only product in the industry to attain three separate Protocol 3 certificates
• Approved under NSF/ANSI Standard 60 as a disinfection and oxidation product