E SHO High Flow Permanent Seal Shower Filter

E SHO High Flow Permanent Seal Shower Filter

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  • High capacity sealed cartridge.
  • Receives any shower head.
  • Removes chlorine & heavy metals
  • Can be back-washed.
  • Cartridge lasts 12-18 months.
  • White finish.

The High-Flow Permanent Seal Shower Filter is the King of all shower filters. Not only does it remove chlorine and reduce fungus, algae and hydrogen sulphide but it also contains a Bacteriostaic unit to inhibit bacteria growth inside the filter. The E-SHO reduces water consumption and saves energy, making it ideal for large families.

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E SHO High Flow Permanent Seal Shower Filter


  • Can be used on most standard shower arms or with hand-held showers
  • Removes chlorine and reduces fungus, algae and hydrogen sulfide
  • Bacteriostaic unit – inhibits bacteria growth inside filter
  • Flow regulating showerhead saves water and energy
  • Can be back-flushed
  • Incorporates the patented “full-flow filter design” utilizing anti-channeling dispersal quadrants to distribute the water evenly throughout the filtering media


  • Permanently sealed housing
  • High strength Bonding
  • Decorative band
  • Includes water/energy saving shower head with spray adjuster
  • Includes fittings for filter back-flushing
  • Filtration media: KDF55
  • Maximum water pressure: 100 psi
  • Maximum water temperature: 43ºC
  • Average longevity: 12 – 18 months

Promotes better health, softer skin and hair

Replaceable filter cartridge included.

We recommend replacing filter every 12 – 18month.

Facts you should know about chlorine:

HEALTH: Chlorine can be inhaled and absorbed by the skin during hot showers, leading to potential health problems.
SKIN: Chlorine irritates and dries your family’s skin.
HAIR: Chlorine damages hair texture and fades colour.


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