Niagara IN 65 Under-counter Inline Chilled Water Dispenser

Niagara IN 65 Under-counter Inline Chilled Water Dispenser

Niagara water coolers are robust and reliable professional units. Aimed at facilitating bottled water management and improving efficiency, they comply with the highest standards in terms of product performance and quality.

All models are certified and are ideal for large-scale applications. Their cutting-edge technology allows large amounts of still and room-temperature water to be dispensed. They can be used to fill jugs or bottles as a practical, quick, low cost and environmentally friendly alternative to serving plastic bottled water.

The high production capacity of the Niagara makes it especially suitable for use in restaurants, cafeterias, offices and other high volume areas.

The Niagara IN 65 is an under-counter dispenser that produces very high volumes (65 litres/hour) of chilled and ambient water at the touch of a button or turn of faucet lever.*

The unit is easily and neatly installed under the sink, bar counter or work surface, making it a great space saver in areas where counter-top space is restricted.

*Faucet not included with unit. Choose from our wide selection of suitable faucets in different styles and finishes.


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Note: This item is not kept in stock and is only available on special order, and is therefore subject to a delivery lead time of approximately 8-12 weeks from date of order. The advertised price is only a representation of the actual selling price and is subject to fluctuations in the current exchange rate at the time of ordering. Orders for this item are only confirmed with a 50% prepayment. Please contact your nearest H2O International SA consultant to confirm actual price and lead time for this item, and to confirm your order.



Niagara IN 65 Under-counter Inline Chilled Water Dispenser


  • Chilled and Ambient (room temperature) water dispenser
  • Under-counter model
  • Suitable for commercial and catering applications
  • Compressor cooling with ventilated condenser
  • Ice bank direct chill system: 4.5 liter ice capacity
  • Chilled water adjustable thermostat: 2 º C – 12 º C
  • High quality, steel/grey skinplate, corrosion resistant cabinet
  • Can utilize a variety of different faucets



  • Cooling Capacity – per hour: 65 lt/hr at 10 º C 
  • Cooling Capacity – continuous flow: 40 liters
  • Working ambient conditions: 10 ºC – 38 º C
  • Cooling power consumption: 300 W
  • Dimensions: 35 x 42 x 50 (cm)
  • Net weight: 29.0 kg


Suitable optional accessories:

  • Any H2O International SA under-counter water purification system with ¼” piping
  • Water Block
  • Leak Controller


Parts required for installation:

  • ¼” Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV 1)
  • ¼” Saddle Clamp
  • ¼” LLDPE tubing per meter (length as required)
  • Dual Faucet – Chilled and Steaming Hot water
  • Three-way Faucet – Chilled, Steaming Hot and Ambient Water