The Fridge Mate Air Purifier – model SAA-727

The Fridge Mate Air Purifier – model SAA-727

  • Fridge and cupboard purifier.
  • Deodorisesthe small area within your fridge and/or cupboards.
  • Eliminates food odors and kills bacteria.
  • Inhibits food spoilage and keeps food fresh for longer.
  • Perfect gift idea.

Ever opened your fridge and found yourself welcomed with a wave of intense smells from a spoilt vegetable or food item left too long? The airdow Fridge Mate Air Purifier is the perfect solution to combat unwanted odors that circulate in confined areas such as your fridge or wardrobes. The battery operated Fridge Mate generates and releases activated oxygen within a confined space for up to 4 months ensuring that any unwanted odors and bacteria are quickly eliminated. To add to this, the Fridge Mate also inhibits food spoilage and keeps your fruit and vegetables fresh for longer.

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Fridge Mate Air Purifier Features:

  • For use in fridges and cupboards
  • Generates and releases ozone at set intervals
  • Ozone concentration – less than 0.05 parts p/million
  • Batteries – 4 x 1.5V Size C for 4 months continuous operation
  • Kills bacteria, viruses and fungi and eliminates food odours
  • Inhibits food spoilage and keeps fruit and vegetables fresher for longer
  • Optional hook for use in wardrobes

Great gift idea!

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