TrojanUVMax D4 Whole House UV Light

TrojanUVMax D4 Whole House UV Light

How safe is the water you drink? Do you really know for sure?

The quality of the water you and your family drink varies from day to day. Agricultural run-off and distant sources of contamination can leach into groundwater over time and impact wells and dams miles away. The simple fact is – water that has been safe for years will not necessarily be safe tomorrow.
Ultraviolet (UV) Light is the Right Choice for Water Purification.
Instills Water Confidence: Owners of a TrojanUVMaxTM can drink with confidence knowing 99.99% of illness-causing microorganisms, including E. coli, Cryptosporidium and Giardia are destroyed, supplying safe water to every tap.

Environmentally-friendly and Chemical Free: UV water purification is a natural process that adds no chemicals and does not affect the taste or odor of water.

Other methods, such as those that use chlorine, may create harmful chemicals that have been linked with serious illnesses, such as cancer.

Trouble-free Maintenance: Maintenance is simple and can be completed in minutes – without tools. It’s as easy as replacing the UV lamp once a year and periodically cleaning the sleeve.

The Trojan name inspires water confidence around the world. In over 50 countries, Trojan UV systems are treating and purifying water in thousands of cities, communities, industries and homes for literally millions of people. Everyday, Trojan’s trusted UV systems treat more than 100 billion liters of water.

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TrojanUVMax D4 Whole House UV Light


  • Maximum operating pressure – 8.62 Bar (125 PSI)
  • Maximum ambient air temperature – 50º C
  • Minimum ambient air temperature – 0º C
  • Maximum hardness – 120 ppm (7 grain per gallon)
  • Maximum iron – 0.3 ppm
  • Minimum UV transmittance – 75%
  • Maximum rated flow at dose of 16 mJ/cm2 – 60 lt/min
  • Maximum rated flow at dose of 30 mJ/cm2 – 34 lt/min
  • Maximum rated flow at dose of 40 mJ/cm2 – 26 lt/min
  • Voltage – 100-240 V AC
  • Frequency – 50-60 Hz
  • Max. current – 0.5 Amps
  • Max. power consumption – 50 Watts
  • Lamp power – 40 Watts
  • Lamp rated service life – 1 year
  • UV Chamber material – 304 SS
  • Inlet/Outlet – ¾” NPT
  • Chamber dimensions: 52 x 10 (cm)
  • Power supply dimensions: 22 x 15 (cm)


  • Supplies UV disinfected water to every tap in house
  • Proven 99.99% effective at destroying harmful organism (including E.Coli, Cryptosporidium and Giarda)
  • Environmentally friendly and chemical free
  • Advanced space saving design
  • Automatic lamp replacement reminder
  • Indicator lights to ensure proper system operation
  • Safe and easy to maintain
  • Stable, energy efficient power supply

Not Suitable for:

  • Homes with more than 3 bathroom
  • Use without adequate pre-filtration
  • Non-municipal water
  • Removing sediment and chemicals
  • Removing salts & minerals
  • Water with a UV transmittance of less than 75%

Suitable for:

  • Whole house UV disinfection
  • Added protection against bacteria and viruses
  • Houses with up to 3 Bathrooms
  • Small commercial kitchens
  • Light industrial applications
  • To be used in conjunction with whole pre-treatment and purification systems
  • Horizontal or vertical installation