UE RUST UF Ultra Economy Triple Under counter purifier with Ultra Filter

UE RUST UF Ultra Economy Triple Under counter purifier with Ultra Filter

The UE-RUST-UF is a 5 stage unit that utilizes a 5 micron spun polypropylene sediment filter for the removal of suspended particles, a granular activated carbon cartridge for the reduction of chlorine and chemicals, a 1 micron spun polypropylene sediment filter for fine sediment filtration, a 0.01 micron ultra-filtration cartridge for the removal of ultra-fine suspended particles including bacteria and cysts, and lastly an inline granular activated carbon cartridge to improve colour, taste and odour.

H2O International under counter water purifiers are neatly installed under the kitchen counter and attached to the cold water supply.

Each Ultra-Economy unit comes with a separate, chrome faucet that is fitted on top of the counter, next to your sink or prep-bowl.

Any other type of standard 10” filter cartridges can be used in the UE-RUSD-UF housings if desired to cater for different water quality problems.

This unit is best suited for applications where poor quality municipal water is being treated and very fine suspended particles need to be removed, or where added bacteria protection is required.


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UE RUST UF Ultra Economy Triple Under counter purifier with Ultra Filter


  • Most economical purifier for budget constrained users.
  • DIY Installation.
  • Neatly installed under the sink or counter.
  • Spun polypropylene filters remove sediment and suspended particles.
  • Granular activated carbon pre-filter and inline granular activated carbon filters reduce chlorine and chemicals, and improve taste, colour and odour.
  • Ultra-filter cartridge removes ultra-fine suspended particles and protects against bacteria and cysts.
  • Can use any standard 10” filter cartridges for first three stages.


  • Recommended flow +/- 1.5 L/min @ 3 bar
  • Maximum Expected Capacity – GAC cartridge: 7 500 lt, Inline GAC: 5 600 lt
  • Average Longevity – Carbon filters: 4-6 months, Ultra-filter: 4-6 months
  • Made in China using NSF approved parts
  • Includes chrome, swivel-style faucet
  • Includes all fittings required for DIY installation
  • 12 month pro-rata warranty
  • Height 36.0 cm
  • Width 40.0 cm
  • Shipping weight 6.0 kg

Not suitable for:

  • Non-municipal water
  • Removing salts & minerals
  • Long periods without maintenance

Suitable for:

  • Limited countertop space
  • Municipal water
  • Rural town with varying water quality
  • Areas with high levels of sediment
  • Regular maintenance

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