The WaterBank is installed in your roof, in line with your current pressurised plumbing. Water that would usually flow directly from the municipal supply to your taps, now first passes through the WaterBank, which is constantly replenished with fresh potable water. This means you always have a spare, drinkable water supply of at least 200 litres, to see you effortlessly through municipal water supply interruptions.


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WaterBank is a South African company who actively addresses water security in Southern Africa. The distribution and delivery of POTABLE SPARE WATER supply is the key focus.

It’s a pressurized water reservoir installede in your ceiling to see you through municipal water interruptions.

• It’s made from mild steel, and is therefor pressurized.

• Since it’s pressurized, it’s installed in-line with current plumbing.

• Since it’s in-line with current plumbing, water is constantly moving through the WaterBank, whether there are interruptions or not.

• Since water is never stagnant and not waiting for a rainy day, you automatically have at least 200 liters of POTABLE water at your demand whenever an interruption occurs.

Once installed, the empty WaterBank is filled with air.

• Pressurised municipal water supply enters and forces out the air via the WaterBank’s air valve.

• If all taps and outlets are closed, the WaterBank should soon fill up completely as the unique air valve then manages the pressure to such an extent that no water exits where the air exited. It lets air out but not water.

• When taps and outlets are opened during standard municipal supply, nothing changes, as normal water pressure remains as is.

• When taps or outlets are opened during interrupted municipal water supply, water will automatically be gravity-fed and will feed the plumbing system as usual.


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