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Donate to this Worthy Cause and Save Lives!

Donate to this Worthy Cause and Save Lives!

Did you know?:

    • 1.6 million children die every year due to waterborne diseases
      (Centre for Strategic and International Studies CSIS)


  • 884 million people do not have access to safe water (WHO/UNICEF)


Wishing Well International Foundation (WWIF) was started by passionate water quality professionals aware of the need for clean safe drinking water worldwide. The organization was privately funded by its founder and CEO Guillermo Guzman, President of H2O International Inc.

Their mission is to bring clean safe drinking water to developing areas. WWIF will also focus on Sanitation and Hygiene to enhance the quality of life and reduce disease and mortality.

In any charitable organisation it is very important to
ensure that 100% of donations go to funding the different
projects and that the projects are properly
managed and maintained.


H2O International South Africa, a platinum sponsor, is very proud and excited to announce that the Wishing Well International Africa branch was established by them in 2012. They are a registered Public Benefit Organisation in South Africa with PBO # 930039346. The founders of this branch, nl. Tony Marchesini and Ken Lister, have between them over 25 years of experience in the Water Treatment Industry and are both Directors of H2O International SA (Pty) Ltd. They are using their knowledge and extensive distribution network to deploy the Biosand Filters into areas in Southern Africa that are in dire need of water that is safe to drink and that will not cause illness.

H2O International SA provide the logistics needed to support this organization. The importation, warehousing and distribution function of the Biosand Filters are performed by a team of dedicated staff employed by H2O SA. Their experience has taught them that a great product is completely effective if the proper installation, training and maintenance is undertaken. This is where H2O SA comes in. It makes sure that the end-user is fully trained to use and maintain the water treatment filters provided.


This means that your donation is properly spent!

This ensures that Wishing Well International Africa has the resources to deploy
and maintain the water filters, thus ensuring sustainability to the project
efforts. And yes, 100% of donations to the Wishing Well International Africa
are used for the deployment of it’s products and services.

Please donate now by going to
You have the option of donating as a corporate or in your personal capacity
and there are many levels that you can choose from to donate. The bigger the
donation the more effectively we can carry out our goal, but every little bit
helps so please do not hesitate to make a small donation if that’s all
you can afford.


This is such a great venture because your donation brings an
immediate and tangible benefit to the beneficiaries. While we know that you
don’t donate for personal gain we still like to thank corporate and people
that donate by mentioning them on our website.

Latest! – Wishing Well International Foundation South Africa has just received
a R44 000 donation from a UK company.

We recently deployed as follows:

• Nkwezania Primary School
2 Biosand units installed
231 children ranging from grade R to grade 7
20km outside East London



• Greensleeves Place of Safety
2 Biosand units installed
50 children ages ranging from birth to grade 12
20km outside East London



On Tuesday we deployed as follows:

• Bhongolethu Senior Secondary School
4 Biosand units deployed
340 children ranging from grade 8 to grade 12
40km outside East London




• Kwelegha Public School
3 Biosand units installed
340 children ranging from grade R to grade 7
42km outside East London





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