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Leading Force in Water Purification
on the African Continent

Established in 1994 as H2O International South Africa, we are without a doubt the industry leading force in water purification on the African continent.

Today, we are known as H2O|BWT and with a team of passionate Head office staff and franchisees. H2O|BWT has a proven track record for many years of unmatched expertise and product range stretching not only throughout South Africa, but also into Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Lesotho and Zambia.

H2O to H2O | BWT

In 2019, BWT (Best Water Technology), one of the largest and certainly the most innovative water purification company in Europe acquired CWC, who later acquired H2O International, forming H2O | BWT and adding it’s influence of research, development, cutting edge innovation and feature-packed products into what H2O | BWT can now offer to Africa.

H2O|BWT Timeline

H2O | BWT aims to provide water purification systems, services, and consumables to cater for every water need. If you are looking for water solutions for your home, or part of the industrial, mining, pharmaceutical, agriculture or biotechnology industry, H2O | BWT can cater for your water problems!

The Ethos of BWT

Water is our mission. We are always striving to act responsibly and sustainably as  a business enterprise to meet the needs of every individual, globally. We turn our vision into reality by auditing our services, work, and products and have them certified by independent institutions. We ensure that our quality management is compliant with ISO 9001 to produce maximum quality products and high customer satisfaction. A clear signal is sent out when doing so: for our employees, our environment, and for meeting customer’s requirements.

Change the World sip by sip
BWT - Best Water Technology

Our international partners & subsidiaries

Our International Partners & Subsidiaries

BWT Production Sites

BWT products are manufactured on state-of-the-art production sites in Europe and Asia according to HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Cultural Control Points) production standards, and guidelines for Quality Managment (ISO 9001) and Environmental Managment (ISO 14001).

BWT Products Are Certified

ISO 9001

Customer Satisfaction.
Continual Improvment Of The Qm System.

ISO 14001

Risk Minimisation.
Environmental Action.
Plant Blue.

OHSAS 18001

Statutory Requirments.
Occupational Health & Safety.

ISO 5001

German Energy.
Efficiency Act.
Satisfactory Requirments
Energy Saving
Planet Blue.

HACCP 18001

Hazzard Identification and Analysis.

BWT is at the cutting edge in all aspects of water treatment, with 9 R&D centres worldwide

A smoother bathe, a better tasting coffee, a safer drink, an enriching drink!

As Southern Africa’s leading water purification company, H2O | BWT has become a household name when it comes to those who require clean, purified, great tasting water.

Water filters, from jugs to whole house systems

Water Purifiers, from portable to whole house systems

Shower filters

Water softeners

Reverse osmosis systems

Replacement cartridges, taps, spares and accessories

Mineralized Water

Hot and cold water dispensers and water fountains

Ice machines and fridges

Both commercial and industrial filtration systems

With over 450 products for home, office, the hospitality and commercial industries, H2O | BWT has the product to suit your individual needs.

At H2O | BWT we have a proven track record of over 26 years of support, the greatest range of products, expert technical advice and highly skilled expertise. Including an established and dedicated network of franchisees, sales consultants and service technicians, stretching not only throughout South Africa, but also into Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Lesotho, and Zambia.

years of support

Core Products


experienced Team members

days a year of clean water

With 150 trained and experienced team members at your disposal for nationwide installations, repairs and maintenance (including regular cartridge reminders), our goal is to provide clean water 365 days per year.

Our Mission

To improve the health and well-being of all South Africans - is echoed throughout the company where all role players are focused on informing South Africans of the benefits of drinking clean, safe, purified water.


Make the
right choice

Our wide range of water purifiers, coolers and water dispensers offer you a convenient, cost-effective way to ensure your office or business is constantly supplied with great tasting, production-boosting safe water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water.



Our wide range of leading water filters, purifiers and dispensers provide great tasting, safe water straight from your tap for you and your family’s complete peace of mind.



For the bigger industrial projects, we have a comprehensive range of water purification systems for your factory, hotels, building, pharmaceutical company and more

The Future is Pure

At BWT, we strive to meet the highest standards by regularly undergoing external and internal audits to ensure compliance and maintain our highest quality in terms of products and service.

We want to improve the quality of lives and in order to achieve this, we custom-tailor water treatment solutions to deliver water at the highest quality. We are the ones who consistently set new standards in water technology and do not restrict ourselves to off-the-shelf, standardised products. If you need your water tested, contact one of our branches to assist.

Our philosophy ‘Change The World Sip By Sip’ is what makes us leaders of innovation. We are able to provide drinking water with extra vitality factors and enjoyment, water in its purest form with all the essential nutrients.

Change the World Sip by Sip
H2O | BWT Best Water Technology