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Appliance and Fridge Filters

Modern appliances like fridges, ice machines, coffee machines and point-of-use (bottleless) dispensers, often contain water filters. But can you trust these water filters with your health? Our appliance and fridge filters surpass the quality of generic carbon-only water filters. They have been designed to be compatible with all the above mentioned appliances to not only improve the taste, colour and odour of the water, but also remove unwanted chemicals, heavy metals and contaminants found in municipal tap water.

Our premium water purifiers contain our unique GAC/KDF®/Riolyte® technology, ensuring that the longevity of these water purifiers are maximised and also ensures that these purifiers remain bacteriostatic during the life of the purifiers. This, together with H2O International’s unrivalled service and sanitisation expertise, will ensure that you are drinking water of the finest quality 365 days a year.

Not convinced yet? Take a look at our Appliance and Fridge Filter range below:

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