Pretoria welcomes an outstanding franchisee and great-tasting water

A new source of great-tasting, purified water is arriving in Silver Lakes, Pretoria – brought to you by Johan Taute who has extensive manufacturing, sales and marketing experience, all of which is welcomed at H2O International SA.

Meet Johan Taute

Johan comes from an engineering background, having been in the manufacturing industry all of his working life.

Johan started his career in the motor industry, learning about production and all of the complexities that go hand in hand with that – managing people, organizing materials, tooling and equipment, and maintenance. He soon went into the product development side of the business, and with that followed marketing to the various automotive manufacturers.

Johan flourished in management and was appointed manufacturing director at Bosal Afrika Jacks. This gave him the opportunity to do some amazing project work, which developed into a passion and love. In the early 90’s he had the opportunity of heading up a project which would be the production facility to supply General Motors in the USA with jacks for their mid-size vehicle platform, at that stage some 1 000 000 jacks per annum.

This was a green field project, entailing the full spectrum of product development, production process definition and industrialisation of such, expansion of factory facility and having tooling and equipment designed and built. It also involved employing and training people and organising the logistics of supplying the other side of the world. It was big, stressful and fun.

Not having had enough of that, he started his own business of manufacturing and supplying cold forged and pressed steel components to various market sectors, motor, defence, steel window manufacturing and general engineering industries. This business ran for some 16 years before the general slump in the steel manufacturing industry finally took its toll, and he had to wind up the business in 2014.

This left him in the situation of being far too healthy and young to retire and looking for something new to get his teeth into, and here he is. We wish him all the best with his store opening in May 2016!

The characteristics and traits of a quality franchisee

We are always on the lookout for people who are passionate, dynamic and positively minded. Our franchisees must believe in our products and the importance of drinking purified water straight from the tap. They must be interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, be ethically sound and love dealing with people. H2O International SA has over 65 franchisees throughout South Africa and Botswana, Kenya, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland and Zambia.

Join SA’s no.1 water purification company and ride the wave of success

To join our winning team and become part of our success story, visit our online franchisee page where you can download our most recent prospectus. 


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