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BWT Alpine – PINK is back on track again!

On Thursday, 16.02, the BWT Alpine Car Launch for the upcoming Formula 1 season took place in London.

At this year’s Car Launch event, the new BWT Alpine A523 Formula 1 race cars were presented in a blue and pink design. The elegant mix of Alpine blue and BWT logos, as well as the accents in BWT pink, give the race car its unique and unmistakable character in line with the motto “Pink is more than a colour – Pink is an attitude!”

– In addition, a new brand ambassador was presented – Zinédine Zidane, former football athlete and trainer, will take part in the project to ensure equal conditions for women and men in motorsports.

– On top of that, BWT Alpine announced that the first three races of this year’s 2023 Formula 1 season will be driven by both drivers in completely PINK-designed bolides.

An exciting year is in front of us – with new team power, new achievements and the goal of taking BWT’s sustainable mission to “Change the world – sip by sip” out into the world.


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