A double-celebration is in order!

Congratulations to our Mpumalanga Franchise Office on their 10th Birthday!

Mpumalanga franchisee Peter Kellar is very pleased with the decision he made to join H2O International SA. Just like Tony, he was looking for an opportunity to run his own business and to make a difference to people’s lives. Very impressed with the H2O filtration system, and with Tony as a person, Peter joined the H2O International SA family 10 years ago and hasn’t looked back.

Over the decade, he has grown his operations steadily. He recalls the early days, with a floor space of 80sqm and a staff of 3. The business has grown to 300sqm and 12 members in a journey he has found to be incredibly rewarding.

Apart from being able to deal with like-minded health- and environmentally conscious people, he loves how customers are always thanking him and his team for the real difference that they are making to people’s lives.

What does tap water contain?

team for the real difference that they are making to people’s lives.

“Education is key,” explains Peter. “People simply don’t realise what’s in their water and their air, and it is often difficult for them to find the time to see us. But once we’ve had an opportunity to explain and show to them how big a difference our products can make to their health and that of their children, the are grateful for the knowledge and advice – and for the wide range or product and price options.”

Peter and his team are seeing measurable improvements made to the health of their customers. For example, a family in Ngodwana suffered severely due to air pollution from a local pulp mill. Since using H2O air purification products, they have literally saved thousands in medical bills. “People are truly thankful,” says Peter. “And it makes our going the extra mile that much more worthwhile.”

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For more information, please contact them on our H2O Franchisee contact page

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