Ecosoft South Africa
H2O | BWT introduces the Ecosoft Product Range to South Africa (WATCH)

After launching the company in 1994 and being appointed in as the Distributor of H2O International USA ‘s quality water purifiers for Southern Africa, Tony Marchesini developed the homegrown H2O Franchise Concept. This led to the rapid expansion of the H2O Franchise network. This great accomplishment was noticed and admired by BWT Germany, Europe’s number 1 water treatment company. H2O SA & BWT decided to join forces in 2018.

We sit down with Tony Marchesini to hear about the latest partnership of H2O | BWT with Ukrainian brand Ecosoft and what this means for the South African Market:

Watch the full interview with MD of H2O International, Tony Marchesini, below!

Q: Why do you think they selected H2O International South Africa as the brand to partner with?

Answer: “They commented to me that we were one of the few guys in SA who knew what we were talking about when it came to recommending the right unit for the right application, which was a real pat on our back.”

Q: How did the Ecosoft brand come into the H2O | BWT fold?

Answer: “BWT is on an acquisition trail and that is why we joined forces with them.” Comments Tony. In 2018 they also approached Ecosoft, a company in Ukraine that manufactures water treatment products. They have an incredible operation.”

Ecosoft Factory

Q: When it comes to Ecosoft, what excites you most? What can the South African market look forward to?

Answer: “Their range is incredible.” says Tony. They not only have systems that treat municipal water, they also have a large range of industrial and semi-commercial units. The combination of quality products, excellent prices, beautiful packaging, all manufactured under one roof, means that Ecosoft can assist us with a range of products that can affordably treat any water problem that is presented to us.”

Q: So what can SA customers most look forward to when it comes to Ecosoft products?

Answer: Tony adds that “With the expanded range we have something for everyone, whatever our customers can afford. Our prices have actually come down, due to our association with BWT and Ecosoft, there is something for every single application.”

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