Fluoride Is Classified As a Dangerous Neurotoxin by Lancet Medical Journal

Has fluoride been classified as a neurotoxin?

Lancet, the world’s oldest and most prestigious medical journal, has recently published a report classifying fluoride as a dangerous neurotoxin.

There have been numerous arguments on the subject of fluoride over a very long period of time.

Here is what Tony Marchesini, CEO of H2O International South Africa, has to say:

Tony Marchesini - H2O International South Africa
Tony Marchesini – H2O International South Africa

“The problem in SA is that the public are not informed as to which municipalities are putting in Fluoride and which are not. So for safety sake we recommend that you install a water purifier that removes the majority of the Fluoride like the standard h2o systems that we have been marketing for the last 20 years . These units remove 76 % . H2oInternational South Africa also stock special cartridges that remove 100%.”

Here is the article from The Lancet.

7 Side Effects of Consuming Fluoride You Should Know About

  • Tooth Discoloration. Consumption of too much of fluoride leads to yellowed or browned teeth.
  • Tooth Decay.
  • Skeletal Weakness.
  • Neurological Problems.
  • High Blood Pressure.
  • Acne.
  • Seizures.

Are you concerned about fluoride in the water?

Our long years of experience and vast selection of product solutions put us in the best position than any other company in South Africa to solve the problem for you. Please find a branch nearest to you and contact us for assistance. Feel free to also add a comment below.


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