Water Minerals, Purified Water
Get more than just purified water with BWT. Get enriched water too.

Using a BWT product means your water is both free from impurities and enriched with minerals, such as magnesium and zinc.

What are the benefits of enriching your water?

Adding a dose of magnesium to your tap water will provide you with 20% of your daily recommended magnesium intake. This will replenish your body with the minerals you lose through day-to-day activities. Magnesium is vital in boosting your energy levels and maintaining a good mood too.  Aside from that, it supports the cardiovascular system and reduces water hardness while filtering out substances that affect your waters smell and taste.

Using the BWT Magnesium +Zinc filter means, aside from magnesium, your water is enriched with the zinc. Zinc supports your immune system, strengthens skin and hair growth and also promotes cell growth. In addition, it reduces the hardness of your tap water too.

Filters and purifies your drinking water

The BWT Balanced Alkalized Filter neutralizes hyperacidity in the body while supporting your metabolism and improving your general nutrient absorption. This filter also improves the pH value of your water and like all BWT products, it filters and purifies your drinking water, removing the bad, resulting in great-tasting mineral water, ready to be enjoyed.

Aside from the obvious health benefits, BWT’s products maintain a low-cost to capacity ratio. This ensures quality and efficiency at a cost-effective price. Their products are also made of high-quality, food-grade plastics ensuring long-lasting quality and safety. Maintenance is quick and easy as most components are push-to-fit and simple to replace if need be.

BWT began their journey in 1990, with a simple aim – become the global leader in water technology while developing products and processes that are both eco-friendly, cost-effective and beneficial to our daily lives. Their wide range of products are designed to go beyond, turning subpar water into mineral water of the highest possible quality, giving you more than just purified water.

For more information contact your nearest store and get more than just purified water.


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