H2O | BWT Honours Gawie Fagan

“We had been through so much together. It was only a few days later that I was able to put the subject to rest in my mind. I was doing a night watch alone on Coelacanth and thinking about the events of the few days before. It was a beautiful night for sailing; a stiff breeze, following sea and a million stars above. It occurred to me that if H2O or Suidoos’s time had really come, then what better resting place for her than there in the mid-South Atlantic. She was truly a great yacht from an era since left behind. She was a sailor’s yacht. I know she will be sadly missed by her owner Gawie Fagon, but I also know he will not be alone in this. I for one share his sadness, “ Mike Kopman on his account of the Suidoos yacht’s final voyage following the race from Cape Town to Rio under H2O | BWT colours. A yacht owned by Gawie Theron Fagan.

On 13 September 2020, at the age of 95 years old, Gawie passed away, making his final voyage here on earth. A celebrated South African architect with a career spanning almost 7 decades, Gawie was fondly remembered by H2O | BWT for his generosity in lending his yacht Suidoos to H2O | BWT for the Cape To Rio Rothman Race in 1996 sailing under the H2O Colours.

This was a voyage sponsored by H2O US and H2O | BWT (then H2O South Africa), captained by the youngest crew (all University of Cape Town students) sailing the oldest boat in the race. After painting and repairs, the boat was launched back in the water in late 1995 when it began training and preparations for the 1996 race.

One could say the story that follows ‘Too Much H2O’ put H2O South Africa on the map to success and 25 years later the company became a member of the Best Water Technology (BWT), Europe’s No. 1 Company in Water Treatment.

To read Mike’s full published story on the final voyage of the Suidoos, click here:

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