H2O International SA’s head office welcomes two new members to the team

We are extremely excited to welcome our two new members, Robyn Williams and Giovanni Marchesini, to the H2O International SA family.

Robyn will be fulfilling the role of the new Financial Manager and Giovanni will be joining the Hospitality and Marketing department at H2O International SA’s head office.

Robyn’s background is a perfect match for H2O International SA’s extensive 24 years of industry experience. She holds a B.Com (Management Accounting) degree from Stellenbosch University and a diploma in Hotel Management from City & Guilds. She is also a qualified Chartered Accountant (SA). Robyn has built her career on her passion for hospitality and strong business and finance skills. After completing her management traineeship at the Mount Nelson Hotel, she moved to London, where she entered the field of hotel investment, performing hotel valuations and financial feasibilities for properties around Europe and the UK. She returned to Cape Town as a consultant in the African hotel and tourism industry, and furthered her financial qualifications. After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant (SA), she started her own business providing financial management and consulting services before joining H2O International SA.

Giovanni has been part of the H2O International SA team for 24 years. His deep and familial roots make it fitting that he joined the family business. After graduating from the University of Cape Town with a B.Com (Marketing) degree, Giovanni travelled to the USA to work under the Founder of H2O International, Guillermo Guzman. Giovanni explored the industry further in California and North Carolina, before returning home to South Africa to assist the new H2O International SA department.

A big part of our two new recruits will be to support our franchisees in improving the financial performance of their businesses, while ensuring that our mission to provide all South Africans with the best water purification technology remains cost effective. Giovanni will also aim to, through research, add value to H2O International SA and help create opportunities for success.

Robyn and Giovanni have already proven to be great additions to the H2O International SA team and we look forward to seeing them grow the business.


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