Help change lives with purified water
Wishing Well International Foundation’s (WWIF) mission is to bring everyone in Southern Africa the benefits of safe, drinkable water. To help make this a reality, they have planned another expedition to install biofoam filters in communities that lack access to clean water. H2O International SA is involved The expedition into South Africa and Swaziland will take place from the 25th of August to the 3rd of September 2017 and will include Guillermo Guzman, CEO and Founder of WWIF, Tony Marchesini, MD and Franchisor of H2O International SA and Ken Lister, Financial and Operations Director for H2O International SA. Just R150 will change a life The expedition is aptly titled 10:1:10 because just 10 dollars (R150) will bring clean drinking water to 1 person for 10 years. H2O International SA is privileged to be part of this expedition, where just one filter makes such a difference. By enabling local communities to enjoy safe, clean drinking water without having to travel for miles, WWIF makes a profound difference to the lives of the women and children who are often responsible for collecting the water.   In 2016 a similar expedition was undertaken and over 33 filters were installed, bringing clean water to thousands of people including over 2,000 children who benefited from 13 filters installed in five schools in Usuthu Gorge in the northern KwaZulu-Natal region. Donate and receive a FREE stainless steel water bottle Wishing Well International Foundation is calling on everyone to donate funds to the expedition. Just a few rand can help change a life! To thank you for your support, every person who donates over R200 will receive a FREE stainless steel water bottle worth R55!  Donate today at