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How is Water Purified (WATCH)

H2O | BWT is South Africa’s leading supplier of world-class water purification systems. Since 1994, we’ve been producing and supplying water purification products to protect you and your family from various contaminants found in municipal tap water.

H2O’s Water purifiers are the only ones in the country to contain the proprietary GAC, KDF and Riolyte process media which guarantees great tasting water of the finest quality.

Here are the stages showing our unique multi-stage water purification systems works:

1. 5 Micron Filter Pad

As your tap water first enters the filter, its first point of contact is a 5 micron filter pad which protects the purifier from fine sediment and blocks any particle larger than 5 micron.

2. Patented KDF* Media Bed

It then gently passes through a thick bed of KDF, a highly patented copper-zinc alloy media that significantly removes iron, aluminium, sulphur as well as heavy metals like lead, mercury and arsenic.

The KDF media bed does most of the work and significantly extends the cooperating life of the carbon within the purifier.

Apart from his superior heavy metal removal capabilities, KDF also removes a significant amount of harmful chemicals by creating an oxidation-reduction reaction which converts these chemicals into harmless compounds.

This oxidation-reduction reaction creates an electromagnetic field within the media bed which inhibits the reproduction of any harmful bacteria, fungi or algae within the purifier. This process renders the purifier completely bacteria static.

3. Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)

The next point of contact is the Granular Activated Carbon or GAC for short. The GAC works by removing a wide variety of harmful compounds commonly found in municipal water treatment like Chlorine, disinfectant by-products as well as many unwanted industrial and agricultural chemicals which inadvertently enter our water supply at post-treatment due to declining infrastructure. GAC not only removes these and many other toxic chemicals but it also traps any unwanted organic material and polishes the water improving the taste, colour and odour.

Mixed into the GAC is Riolyte, a unique H2O | BWT formula containing beneficial mineral components that get slowly released into the water making it slightly more alkaline and very pleasant to taste.

4. Silver-impregnated Granular Activated Carbon

At the very top of the GAC media bed, is a layer of silver-impregnated granular activated carbon. Since Roman times, silver has been known and used for its natural disinfectant properties and this layer is added specifically to kill any harmful bacteria that might enter and contaminate the water purifier from water flowing back into the unit.

5. Second 5 Micron Filter Pad

The last point of contact is another 5 micron filter pad which prevents any carbon granules from being released into your glass of water.

During H2O | BWT’s last two decades of proudly servicing and supplying the South African market, many scientific institutions have tested the contaminant-removal capabilities of our tried and tested media bed and each time have published outstanding results for performance and purity.

Give your family the very best. Drink the finest, purified water straight from the tap. Safe in the knowledge that every drop is one hundred percent purified and processed by H2O International SA.

Watch the video to see how our unique multi-stage water purification systems works:

Please Note: H2O International has partnered with BWT and has undergone a name change to H2O | BWT.


Available from H2O BWT:  Home water purification system

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