Increase your water intake and get ready for summer

When consuming something that does not taste or smell appealing, you’re not going to consume a lot of it. The same goes for your tap water. We want you to think inside the drop and consider the effect water quality has on your drinking habits.


We’ve listed a couple of reasons why you should be drinking purified water this summer and how great quality purified water will increase your water intake.


  1. Purified water tastes great.

If your tap water tastes bad, you’re likely to drink less water or even opt for something else, like a sugary fruit juice or soft drinks. To keep this from happening, enhance the taste of your water by investing in one of our water purification system. The Riolyte® component in our GAC/KDF®/Riolyte® purifiers releases beneficial minerals that make your water slightly more alkaline and palatable.


  1. The water you drink should be tasteless, colourless and odourless.

Nobody likes smelly water and these days, with water shedding, low water pressure and the chemicals that municipalities put in the water, the water often smells worse that the water in your swimming pool. Your water could have a metallic, organic odour, which is not always pleasant when you lift your water glass to your nose. Our GAC/KDF®/Riolyte® purifiers have been designed to remove the unwanted, harmful contaminants that contribute to these odours and you’ll be left with fresh-smelling (and tasting) purified water.


  1. Eliminate the floating bits for better consumption.

Burst water mains are inevitable in all cities and towns, no matter what the size. When this happens, sediment enters the water systems and it’s likely to end up in your glass. Our sediment filters will take care of this problem in no time. By installing a sediment filter you will also extend the life of your main water purifier.


  1. Great quality purified water will flush your body of toxins.

The easiest way to get rid of toxins in your body is to flush it with good quality purified water. As a result, your energy levels will increase, you’ll want to be more active and in turn, you’ll want to replenish the water you’ve lost by drinking more purified water. We call this a positive water cycle.


  1. Good quality purified water speeds up your metabolism.

It’s no secret that water speeds up your metabolism. When this happens, your body will digest water and food quicker, so you’ll drink more water too.


  1. Drinking quality purified water will improve you skin’s complexion.

Your skin is your body’s biggest organ and it is quick to reflect on the state of your internal organs. A build up of toxins, too much sugar, dehydration – all of these thing can lead to skin breakouts. Increasing your intake of quality purified water will get rid of all the bad stuff, improving your skin’s overall complexion.


With H2O International, it’s really easy to drink up and stay hydrated. Curious about our different water purification solutions?

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