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Protect your family from toxic blue-green algae water contamination

South Africa is highly dependent on surface water derived from rivers and dams for its daily water supply. In a special feature on the 15th of November, Carte Blanche highlighted the crisis South Africa currently faces with blue-green algae, also known as Cyanobacteria.

As SA’s no.1 purification company H2O International SA has been working tirelessly to highlight the increasingly polluted state of the country’s municipal water supplies and the crisis South Africa faces with a crumbling water infrastructure.

Blue-green algae grows in warm, nutrient-rich water, depleting oxygen supplies and releasing several toxins which pose serious health risks to humans and animals drinking the water.

Blue-green algae targets specific organs, particularly the liver. Symptoms include headaches, fevers diarrhoea, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting and even breathing difficulties. According to a study in May of 2015 by the South African Journal of Science, South Africa has the highest known levels of blue-green algae contamination in the world and the figures are only expected to increase.

The only way to protect your and your family’s health from this growing contamination is to purify your municipal water with a purifier that destroys the bacteria. H2O International SA’s  water purifiers are the only purifiers in the country to contain KDF 55 Process Medium, which unlike carbon is truly bacteriostatic with an electrolytic field creating an environment  which is hostile to and deadly to blue-green algae and many other microorganisms.

The H2O International Media bed which is made up of KDF , Riolyte and a high grade Coconut Shell activated carbon and is very effective at removing all the unwanted contaminates from your municipally treated water, not only the toxic bacteria but also the heavy metals , pharmaceuticals and chemicals the municipality are forced to pump into the system. It is also vitally important, during this period of “ water shedding” to protect the GAC/KDF/Riolyte media bed using a quality H2O sediment filter that traps particles smaller than 0.5 micron. This will ensure that, if replaced regularly, you will get the maximum life out of your H2O Water purifier.


How to Keep Your Water Dispenser Clean

With a paper towel moistened in vinegar or lemon juice, the algae can be safely removed. Place your dispenser away from fluorescent lighting and replace any empty water bottles right away to stop this film from developing.

For more information about how to protect your family and WIN a whole-house purifier worth over R33 000 for your home visit


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