Purified water will soon be available in Hatfield, Tshwane
  Much to the residents of Tshwane’s relief, a new source of great-tasting, purified water will be arriving in the Gateway Centre Hatfield from December. This franchise is owned and run by Mabaka Monakgisi who brings a background of engineering and strong project management to the H2O International team. Tshwane is in desperate need of purified water Tshwane is in the grips of serious water shedding. Water shedding dangerously compromises the quality of your tap water, due to the loss of pressure in the pipes. This drop of pressure allows polluted groundwater to seep into any holes in the pipes. Once the pressure is returned, contaminated water will be flushed out of your tap straight into your drinking water. In addition, as water levels drop and water becomes scarcer, the pollution of the remaining water supplies increases – resulting in water treatment facilities adding higher levels of health-damaging chemicals to your tap water to clean it. The only solution is to purify your tap water in order to remove all these chemicals and contaminants. This is where the new Tshwane H2O International Franchise comes in! This new Franchise is headed up by Mabaka Monakgisi, who brings his extensive engineering and technical knowledge to the role. So, you can be assured that when you visit the store, you’ll receive all the knowledge and advice you need to purchase the right purification product for your home or business. Please email h2o@touchmarketing.co.za if you would like to attend the official opening.   The characteristics and traits of a quality franchisee We are always on the lookout for people who are passionate, dynamic and positively minded. Our franchisees must believe in our products and the importance of drinking purified water straight from the tap. They must be interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, be ethically sound and love dealing with people. Currently H2O International SA has over 65 franchisees and distributors throughout Southern Africa. Join SA’s no.1 water purification company and ride the wave of success To join our winning team and become part of our success story, visit our online franchisee page where you can download our most recent prospectus.