Stay Home, Stay Hydrated

During these unprecedented times, staying healthy is just as important as staying at home. And as staying hydrated is an important role to staying healthy, now more than ever we urge you to drink more water.

Here are 5 easy tips and tricks to make this easier:


1. Carry a water bottle

This may seem simple but having a visual reminder helps,
especially when you’re caught up working from home,
busy with the kids, or simply lazing about.


2. Stay on track

As things change, our routines do too. So, download a water tracker,
or make use of the water feature on your fitness app to track your intake.
Alternatively set an hourly reminder on your mobile device so you remember to hydrate every now and then.


3. Change it up

Add cucumber, lemon, mint or even fruit pieces to your drinking water to keep things interesting.
Make a large pitcher and chill it in the fridge. Or freeze berries in an ice tray and add them to your water.


4. Mental reminders

Create a habit of drinking a glass of water after certain activities, like after each meal or after a bathroom break.
This way, over time you’ll build a lasting, healthy habit.


5. Invest in a filter or dispenser

We find that people are more likely to drink water when it is conveniently accessible.
Not only will this make your water healthier to drink, it’ll also make it taste and smell better too.


With the National Lockdown implemented please note that some H2O Franchise stores are still open to supply bottled water and water refills.

Next time you go for your refill or buy bottled water consider investing in a water purifier. They are easy to install and surprisingly affordable. To see which of the stores are still trading and the trading hours visit, our contact page or call your nearest outlet.


Picture of women on the beach, eating popsicles and browsing through our summer brochure.

Preparing for a Hot Summer

As the summer temperatures rapidly rise, bringing the promise of sunny days and outdoor adventures, prioritising hydration is crucial. The summer season demands that you