Forget the blue and green drop report, we’re down to the brown water drop

It’s been five years since the Government released the Blue and Green Drop Reports. And it’s been widely reported that the Minister of Water and Sanitation, Nomvula Mokonyane, is deliberately concealing the ANC’s mismanagement of national water infrastructure ahead of the 2016 Local Government Elections (LGE 2016) by denying public access to the latest Blue and Green Drop Reports.

The blue drop report reveals the health of our water treatment plants and the green drop report reveals the state of our wastewater treatment works.

Afriforum has recently announced they have conducted their own independent tests this year, which have revealed that seven of our major metros have failed the quality standards for drinking water. The biggest culprit is the Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality was a prime culprit‚ serving up poor quality H2O to residents in Pretoria West.

But concerns are not limited to just these seven metros, people are getting more concerned about their general water quality. “Less than two-thirds of households rated their water services as ‘good’ in 2013,” reports researcher David Hemson in the South African Health Review Report 2016. Their major concerns were whether the water was clean, free of unpleasant odours and tasted good.

The report also revealed that over three-quarters of the water pumped back into our rivers by the various municipal plants aren’t properly treated and are filled with infectious pathogens.

It’s also predicted that things are only going to get worse. Our water infrastructure is not being maintained, our water is getting scarcer and dirtier, which means reports like these are going to only become more common.

The only way you can confidently protect your and your family’s health is to install a water purification system. As the exclusive distributor in South Africa of the unique GAC/KDF®/Riolyte/UV Treatment Process Media, H2O guarantees the finest quality water and great taste by removing all the harmful, unwanted contaminants from your water – giving you complete peace of mind.


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