H2O|BWT Time to take a water sample
Time To Take A Water Sample

If the water you currently use comes from non-municipal water sources such as rivers, dams, or boreholes, then it is recommended that your water should undergo a full SANS 241 Water analysis annually.

Update: The recent Cholera outbreaks and the general failing of municipal water treatment plants unfortunately means that municipal water should also be regularly tested.

Even if you are not in a cholera area, we still recommend that you send a water sample in for analysis. This analysis will ensure that any contaminants within the water are within limits and that you can safely continue using the water for consumption and domestic purposes, and helps recommend the exact water filter for your exact water purification needs.

At H2O | BWT we effectively carry out these types of analyses for all kinds of water, but to do so, we require a correctly collected water sample from the water source.

Should you want us to do a water analysis, you can follow the steps below to ensure that the water sample you collect is correct and usable:

  • Use a new bottle and cap. (1.5 – 2 Lt if the water is cloudy or coloured).
  • Rinse the bottle three times with the water to be sampled before taking the sample.
  • Fill the bottle with a representative sample of water and cap so there is little or no air in the bottle.
  • In dams or rivers, take the sample as close to the pump intake as possible.
  • In boreholes, let the pump run for 20 minutes before taking the sample from a point close to the pump.
  • Dry thoroughly and attach the completed label using clear tape to prevent it from getting wet.
  • Keep the sample away from sunlight and in a cool place until courier can send it to H2O | BWT SA.
  • It is recommended that a full SANS 241 Water analysis be done yearly to ensure all contaminants are within limits. This recommendation is where non-municipal water sources are being filtered/purified for human consumption and domestic usage.


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