Top 5 Health Benefits of Filtered Water
Top 5 Health Benefits of Filtered Water

Our bodies consist of over 60% water. Maintaining this water composition is key to good health. That said, unfiltered tap water may contain contaminants that may not be great for our health, which begs the question, “Is filtered water healthier for you and your family?” Short answer – absolutely!

What are the benefits of drinking filtered water?

Welcome to our blog. Great to have you over! Today we will explore the top 5 health benefits of filtered water and suggest the best products for every household’s needs!

1. Improved Taste & Smell

Unfiltered water often carries an unappealing flavour and odour, especially when the municipalities add too much or not enough chlorine. It happens. This may be particularly true in regions with several natural water sources. A water filtration system will give your drink a purer, cleaner, safer and better tasting water and makes a much better tea and coffee!

2. No Chemicals, Especially Chlorine

Our municipalities use chlorine to treat our water, mainly to remove organic contaminants. The chlorine, of course, remains in the water. There could be other chemicals such as fluoride, pesticides, detergents and herbicides. The list goes on. The great news is that 99% of the chemicals in your tap water can be eliminated through filtration. Although chlorine-treated water appears clean, it is strongly advised from many sources to remove the chlorine for best health in your drinking water.

High chlorine concentrations can harm you and your family’s health in several ways, including:

High chlorine concentrations can harm you and your family’s health in several ways, including:

  • Irritation to airways
  • Wheezing & difficulty breathing
  • Sore throat
  • Coughing & chest tightness
  • Skin & eye irritationH2O | BWT AquaStar UV

A system such as our AquaStar UV Water Purification Unit – an absolute powerhouse of water purification capabilities- will help you avoid these health risks while removing unwanted flavours, odours, pathogens, chemicals and sediments.


3. No Metals & Sediments

BWT E1 Single Lever Point Of Entry Sediment FilterSpeaking of impurities. When you have a water filtration unit, you can say goodbye to the rust, dirt, mold, and silt found in your water, which can originate from the pipes that carry your tap water. These unwanted metals and minerals flow through your pipes and straight into your glass.

For homeowners, deposits and clogged pipes are frequent problems. Filtering your water with a system, such as the BWT E1 Single Lever Point Of Entry Sediment Filter and BWT Protector BW 3/4″ – Backwash Filter, helps you to avoid ingesting these impurities while decreasing the risk of mold and bacteria growth.

4. No Harmful Bacteria

You may be thinking that chlorine will remove all harmful bacteria. And you should be right. But harmful contaminants can enter your water in many ways, one example being leakages in the aging water supply infrastructure. Somewhat alarming, right?

Using a water filter will help you avoid the multitudes of harmful pathogens in your water source. Exposure to high volumes of harmful bacteria can result in many illnesses and diseases, such as cholera, gastroenteritis and even typhoid fever – a recent scare in South Africa. Drinking water that has had all the harmful microbes removed is much safer.

5. Added Beneficial Minerals

With filtered water, you will still get the essential minerals, magnesium and potassium being two examples. You can preserve the beneficial components while filtering out the harmful components.

The activated carbon filter in our BWT Woda Undercounter Water Filter range effectively removes harmful bacteria, unpleasant odours and flavours while retaining and adding mineral content of your water.


Top 5 Health Benefits of Filtered Water

Beneficial minerals naturally found in your water include Zinc and Magnesium, each offering unique benefits.

Zinc primarily assists with:

  • Skin issues, such as acne
  • Improving memory
  • Preventing osteoporosis

Magnesium primarily helps to:

  • Improve the taste of your water
  • Regulate the nervous system
  • Keep the cardiovascular system healthy

amongst many other benefits! This is why H2O | BWT is steadfast on promoting our magnesium and zinc water filter cartridges; they add these healthy minerals to your water. Read our blog When Is The Best Time To Take Zinc And Magnesium?

How can I reap the health benefits of filtered water?

Put your family’s health and well-being first. Visit our online store and choose from our highly specialised selection of water filters. No matter your household needs, we have a product to suit!

Have questions? Contact Us Today and get helpful advice from our water purification experts.


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