United by Water: H2O International and BWT Partnership

We have exciting news to share!
We’ve partnered with Europe’s #1 in water technology to bring BWT’s cutting-edge technology to South Africa!

H2O International SA is our country’s number 1 water purification retailer, with over 25 years experience and a national footprint, which boasts 45 stores.
Europe’s number 1 in water technology, BWT, possesses over 30 years of experience within the global water purification market. Their range of state-of-the-art certified products have achieved the DVGW award – the highest stamp of approval in Europe.

The Perfect Strategic Partnership

H2O International’s MD, Tony Marchesini and BWT’s Representative in SA, Gary Daines, agree that this partnership strikes the perfect balance between water purification hardware and software. It will strengthen H2O International SA’s product and service offering and further enhance our positioning within the marketplace.

The partners aim to put South African’s health and wellness at the forefront of their undertaking, and seek eco-friendly products to eliminate single-use plastics – for you and planet blue.

What will this new venture bring?

  1. EXPANSION: we’ll aim to build our national footprint.
  2. IMPROVEMENT: to the quality of your water and life.
  3. SELECTION: a wider variety of top-quality products, techonology and skillset.
  4. TRAILBLAZERS: keeping up with the developments in the water purified industry and setting the standard.

Stay tuned to our H2O International page for exciting developments to come!


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