SA’s water quality seriously compromised by water crisis

South Africa’s water crisis is not only affecting our water supplies but is also seriously affecting the quality of the municipal water we are drinking from our taps.

On Sunday 30th October, a feature on Carte Blanche highlighted South Africa’s growing water crisis. Level 3 water restrictions and water “throttling” and even “shedding” are becoming the new normal. But what many people don’t realise is that this is also seriously affecting the quality of our tap water.

Tony Marchesini, MD of H2O International SA, Southern Africa’s no.1 water purification company voiced his concerns and said “In times of water shedding, water and soil on the outside of water pipes enter the pipe through holes and cracks due to the lack of water pressure within the pipe to prevent it. Added to this, water around the pipes is often polluted from the surface water, so when the water is switched back on, the contaminants are transported to user’s taps.”

If this wasn’t alarming enough, Marchesini went on to say that as water levels drop and water becomes scarcer, the pollution of our water supplies increases, as water treatment facilities need to add higher levels of health-damaging chemicals to it in an attempt to clean it.

In this day and age when you turn on the tap in your home, you assume the water you’re drinking has been purified and is safe to drink. Well, unfortunately, “You couldn’t be more wrong,” said Marchesini, adding that the chlorine added to drinking water in order to clean it often failed to disinfect the pipes sufficiently, and studies show it can lead to serious illness.

H2O International SA is so concerned about the declining quality of South Africa’s tap water, it’s offering everyone a free chlorine and taste tap water test in their homes or businesses.

Marchesini added, “The only way to be completely sure your tap water is pure is to purify it through a purifier which removes all the unwanted contaminates from your municipally treated water – not only the toxic bacteria, but also the heavy metals, pharmaceuticals and chemicals the municipalities are forced to pump into the system”.

To book your free water test contact (021) 702 3262 or visit


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