SA’s water supply: how safe and accessible is it?

Tony Marchesini of H2O International South Africa offers advice about South African municipal water supply following a recent article in News

Tony Marchesini - H2O International South Africa

“Make sure you purify at least the water that you use for drinking purposes,” he says. “For as little as R550 per year you can protect the health of your family and have peace of mind that the your water is pure 365 days a year. It makes such economic sense to invest in a water purifier for your home. Municipalities are doing their best with the limited resources that they have at their disposal. Throughout the world the responsibility has shifted from municipalities to private individuals to make sure that their drinking water is pure. Only 0.5 % of water that is delivered is used for drinking purposes, why purify 100% of it to the nth degree when it is so economical to take care of your water at point of use? It does not make economic sense. Get everyone in the family to love their healthy purified tap water. This will stop one from having to buy alternatives that are loaded with sugar and artificial chemicals. To me it’s a no brainer.”

Newspaper articles on water pollution in South Africa

Here is the article:

Here’s how you can make a positive contribution towards water safety where it is most needed in South Africa.

H2O International South Africa is a platinum sponsor of the Wishing Well International Foundation (WWIF).  WWIF arranges for water filters to be supplied to areas in need so that families can drink safe water. H2O  International South Africa sponsors the distribution, installation and management of these water purifiers. The organisation was recently endorsed by the Water Quality Association (WQA)

You can donate to this cause by visiting the Wishing Well International Foundation website. 100% of your donation goes to the cause.

Wishing Well Charity

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