We want to help you remember to think inside the drop at work

Water is a source of life and it’s crucial to living healthily.

Your body is ±70% water, so just imagine what can happen to your body if it’s not properly hydrated. The problem is that we don’t always remember to drink purified water. It’s so easy to replace it with a warm milky coffee or a fizzy soft drink, but unfortunately, these don’t do the job. Let’s look at a couple of easy ways to stay hydrated with 8 glasses of purified water a day.

  1. Set a reminder

Set a reminder

If the problem is that you forget to drink purified water, you can fix this problem in a flash. Set hourly reminders on your phone to drink a glass or 2 of purified water. This way, you’ll never forget again.


  1. Drink purified water before every meal

Drink purified water before every meal

Drinking purified water before every meal is an easy way to get three glasses in before you’ve even thought about it. Soon it will become a habit to pour a glass of purified water when dishing up for breakfast, lunch or dinner – whether at work or at home.


  1. Keep a big bottle of purified water on your desk

Keep a big bottle of purified water on your desk

Remembering to drink purified water at work can be much easier when the water is confronting you all day. By keeping a big bottle of water on your desk, you’ve set your goal for the day. Simply finish the bottle before you go home.


  1. Track your drinking

Track your drinking

We eat with apps, we date on apps, we talk on apps and we exercise with apps… Why should drinking water be any different? It’s a fun way to measure your water intake throughout the day. Check out ‘Daily Water – Drink Reminder’ for iOS or ‘Hydro Coach’ for Android devices.


  1. Mix it up

Mix it up

Are you getting bored of drinking plain purified water? Add some fruit slices and leave it overnight to flavour your drinking water. Experiment with lemon, cucumber, strawberries and even watermelon. It’s a great way to encourage yourself to get to your 8 glasses per day mark.


Extra tip for the home:
  1. Keep a tall glass of water next to your bed

Keep a tall glass of water next to your bed

We often wake up in the middle of the night feeling thirsty. Instead of getting out of bed to grab a glass of water, we tend to leave it for the next day. By keeping a glass of water next to your bed, you won’t feel as dehydrated when waking up the next morning.

So if you would like to know more about our water purification solutions and purified water, visit your nearest H2O International or contact us here.


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