We’d like to extend a word of congratulations to our partner, BWT.

We’re happy to announce that BWT, whom we’ve recently partnered with, has achieved the coveted “Highest Customer Satisfaction” award for 2019, in the “Water Technology” category.

In short, the Plus X Awards are aimed at identifying brands that satisfy customers to the highest degree. These awards are based on what consumers think of a brand. The Plus X Awards commissions the German Institute for Product and Market Evaluation to help them paint a picture of what and whom the public believes to be the best brands in various categories.

Why does this matter? Because these days consumers are open to a multitude of brand product and service choices. Founder and President of the Plus X Awards, Donald Brandt says, “In times of digitalization, in which customer care is often only regulated by hotlines or digital click instructions on the Internet, the end consumer can be forgiven for feeling they are no longer important.”

Developing high-quality products and offerings, and focusing on customer service, after-sales and follow-up services is what sets BWT apart from its competitors. We’re thrilled to now stock BWT products at all of our 45 H2O International stores. Click here to find a store near you.

With high praise like this it’s easy to see why BWT is Europe’s number 1 water purification company.

Congratulations BWT.


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