H2O|BWT World Water Monitoring Day
World Water Monitoring Day

Every year on the 18th of September, approximately 150 nations get together to celebrate World Water Monitoring Day. Water makes up a large portion of the earth’s ecology, and all living things depend on water to maintain health and stay alive.

However, factors like water pollution and climate change endanger our water sources, making it more crucial than ever to inspect our bodies of water routinely.

Why World Water Monitoring Day is Celebrated

Why World Water Monitoring Day is Celebrated

In 2003, America’s Clean Water Foundation established the first World Water Monitoring Day. Their goal was to educate the general public about the value of routinely checking their water sources.

Members of EarthEcho International are the current organisers of World Water Monitoring Day. It is a nonprofit environmental group that was established in honour of Philippe Cousteau, a famous oceanographer.

The campaign attracts a million or more participants annually. They check the water’s temperature, purity, dissolved oxygen content and acidity using water testing kits.

What We Can Do, to Observe World Water Monitoring Day

Wish you could do more than just talk the talk? Here are the top 3 things you can do to observe World Water Monitoring Day:

1. Get a Water Analysis

Start testing your own home or business water for all the critical elements relating to acidity, temperature, purity, and oxygen. To do this, get a water analysis done. Your source can be municipal, from a river, dam or borehole. H2O | BWT, will be able to assist you from there, no matter how dire your water issue is!

2. Get others involved.

The more individuals you can persuade to support this cause, the better. Increasing public awareness is one of the day’s key objectives. Host an event or start a conversation with the members of your social groups. Teach kids about the significance of the day and its events so that its lessons will be remembered. Lobby your local municipality if there are issues.

3. Keep up the good work!

Carry out inspections whenever possible throughout the year. Regular water testing will enable you to see any potential problems far earlier! Better pure than sorry!

Make Sure Your Water is Always Clean, And Safe

Make Sure Your Water is Always Clean, And SafePrevention is better than cure, or so the saying goes. Do you have limescale-forming hard water? Perhaps your water tastes like chlorine or contains sediments like rust. Whether your water source is municipal, from a borehole, a rainwater tank, river, dam or spring, H2O | BWT has a water treatment solution for you! Investing in a water purification system is the best way to ensure that the water pouring out of your tap is delicious, crystal clear and pathogen-free.

From the smallest of homes, kitchen, bathrooms and garden, to the largest factories, we have a selection of water filters and water purifiers to suit every need. Whether you require a borehole water filter or you’re looking for a water purifier that eliminates harmful bacteria – the Aquastar UV Unit is just one example of a water purification system that does it all!

For more targeted solutions, visit our website today – go to Easily Find Your Product and select from the dropdown menu to identify your ideal water treatment solution. Need clarity? Simply fill in our contact form, and we’ll get back to you. It’s that easy to obtain clean, safe and purified water!

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