Your bottled water is disrupting your hormones

Oestrogen and oestrogen-like part particles surround us in the modern world. They’re found in the food we eat (in the form of preservatives, hormones and flavour enhancers), in the air we breath (pollution) and in the water we drink. Recently many people made a change from hard plastic water bottles to the softer variety made with polyethylene terephthalate (PET) but a new article has raised a high level of concern about PET.


Even PET bottles are not safe

Until now PET has not been assumed to be a source of endocrine disruptors but there is now a new concern that chemicals that have oestrogen-like effects such as phthalates may be leaking into the contents of bottles made from PET. Multiple studies have consistently shown that water coming from PET bottles has oestrogenic activity.
Another study shows the longer the water is in contact with the PET bottle and the lower the pH of the liquid, the higher the phthalate levels measured in the water.

25 000 chemicals found in a single bottle of water

A  recent study done in Germany found up to 25 000 chemicals in just one bottle of water. The majority of bottled water tested “interfered with both kinds of hormone receptors to some degree; amounts as little as 0.1 ounces inhibited oestrogenic activity by 60% and androgenic activity by 90%. The latter, the researchers wrote is equivalent to the hormonal activity of the drug flutamide, a drug commonly prescribed to men suffering from prostate cancer”.

At least 70 cities across the USA, Canada, UK and Australia have banned the use of bottled water. The World Wide Fund for Nature and Greenpeace also both advocate the use of tap water wherever good quality supplies exist – and if you can purify your tap water, you’re getting the very best water available.

Does tap water contain hormones?

It is very possible. Steroid hormones, such as oestrogens and testosterone, can end up in the surface water via wastewater.

Protect your health with purified water
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