Water from a borehole, rain tank, river or dam requires specialised, professional treatment. We strongly recommend that you contact H2O|BWT so that we can arrange a water analysis and subsequent water treatment recommendations.

Borehole Water

River / Dam / Spring

Rain Tank

Please note:

Matching a water filter with your water issue can be quite scientific. If you are unsure, please contact your nearest branch.

  • H2O/BWT Activated Filtration Media FRP VesselsH2O/BWT Activated Filtration Media FRP Vessels Quick View
  • H2O/BWT Calcite FRP VesselsH2O/BWT Calcite FRP Vessels Quick View
  • H2O/BWT Granular Activated Carbon FRP VesselsH2O/BWT Granular Activated Carbon FRP Vessels Quick View
  • H2O | BWT Water Softener TabletsH2O | BWT Water Softener Tablets Quick View
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  • Ecosoft Ecolite for Water Softening 25LEcosoft Ecolite for Water Softening 25L Quick View
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  • BWT Sanitabs Quick View
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    • BWT Sanitabs Quick View
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    • BWT Sanitabs

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    • BWT Soft water cares for your skin and looks after the hair and body in a wonderfully gentle way. Turn showering and bathing into a wellness experience while protecting your household appliances. Achieve the best hygiene in the softener with food-grade * Sanitab salt tablets Sanitab regeneration salt cleans and disinfects the ion exchanger and kills any bacteria and other germ cells,…
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