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Aqua Valve and Steel Cradle

  • For use with 18.9L and 11.9L Polycarbonate bottles.
  • Fast Flow (up to 2gpm)
  • No reservoir – no bio film growth.
  • Guaranteed not to drip.

For those seeking a simple, mobile and effective cradle for your water bottle look no further than the Aqua Valve and Steel Cradle. The cradle is designed to hold a water bottle at an angle, with the neck faced downwards for easy water dispensing. You will also receive a plastic dispensing valve that fits onto the end of any standard 18.9 litre or 11.9 litre water dispenser bottle.This item is perfect for picnics, camping, holiday homes, sports days, functions, offices or general everyday use.


*Prices include VAT, but exclude transport, delivery and installation. Which may vary by region. **Prices reflected on the website are subject to availability of product. All prices are for South Africa only. Please contact your nearest H2O International SA consultant for transport, delivery and installation quote, and to confirm stock availability. Please find contact details here.


Aqua Valve and Steel Cradle


  • Poly Bag Package For Each Unit.
  • Net weight – 700 grams (excluding bottle).



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