BB20 GAC/SIC Cartridge


  • Silver impregnated granular activated carbon (GAC) filter, for the removal and reduction of commonly occurring tap water chemicals including Chlorine, disinfectant byproducts, trihalomethanes, herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, detergents, industrial solvents and more.
  • GAC also traps organic material thereby removing bad tastes, colour and odours.
  • Impregnated silver inhibits bacteria growth within filter cartridge.

Fits all standard BB20 filter housings.

Prices include VAT. Excludes Installation cost, this price may vary by region. All prices are valid for South Africa only. Please contact your nearest H2O consultant for an installation quote. Please find contact details here.


BB20 GAC/SIC Cartridge

Filtration media / steps: Expected maximum capacity

Silver impregnated coconut shell granular activated carbon

Average longevity Dimensions:
3 – 12 months 50cm x 11cm

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