Water Filter – BWT B-Safe (Bacteria-Safety Filter)


  • Highly efficient protection against legionella and bacteria
  • Simple, uncomplicated installation directly at the point of use
  • Works completely mechanically, without the addition of chemicals
  • Filters even the finest particles from drinking water
  • Backflow preventer Compact and space-saving


The B-SAFE hygiene filter is intended as a supplementary prophylaxis for consistent hygiene management at the point of use. But also as an immediate measure when the water distribution system is already contaminated, the B-SAFE hygiene filter guarantees a reliable protective barrier against infections by Legionella or other bacteria and protozoa. The B-SAFE hygiene filters are used wherever the awareness of the responsibility for legionella and germ-free water is particularly pronounced, such as in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, health resorts, old people’s or nursing homes. In these areas, B-Safe primarily fulfills its task in the critical zones, where particularly weak and therefore endangered people need to be protected.

Requirements for use: The precondition for an efficient operation of the B-SAFE hygiene filter is intact, non-corroded piping. Before installing a B-SAFE hygiene filter for the first time, the downstream shower hose and hand shower should be replaced with new products, as otherwise protection against legionella cannot be guaranteed.

How it works: High protection against legionella and other bacteria. The B-SAFE-universal filter offers a high level of protection against legionella infection, which can occur through inhalation of aerosols containing legionella. Microorganisms are filtered out of the water through a dead-end hollow fiber microfiltration membrane with pore sizes of 0.02 μm. The filtration process takes place in the dead-end process without backwashing.

Removal of particles: The pre-filter built into the B-SAFE-universal filter removes sand, rust, lime particles, biofilm fragments and other turbid substances from the water.

Backflow preventer: The backflow preventer built into the B-SAFE-universal filter prevents back-contamination of the water system as far as possible.

Chemical-free infection protection: The B-SAFE-universal filter serves to protect against microorganisms in shower water, without dosing chemicals (disinfectants). The filter works purely mechanically.

Compact design: The use of a hollow fiber microfiltration membrane offers a large filtration surface with little space requirement, so that a high filtration performance is achieved.

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