BWT BC30 Rechargeable Tank/Pool Vacuum


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Easy pool maintenance for small to medium sized pools and water storage tanks.

The BWT pool vacuum BC30 is particularly suitable for easy floor cleaning of above-ground pools and tanks of up to 15 m2 . Due to its strong suction power as well as the removable swivel head and the bristles on the suction head, sand, gravel and other dirt can be effectively removed.

NB: Telescopic pole not included 


  • Water tank and pool cleaning without any cables or pipes
  • Thanks to its powerful lithium-ion battery, your tank or pool can be cleaned continuously for up to 30 minutes without loss of suction power – when fully charged.
  • With the large dirt collection chamber of the BWT BC30 tank/pool vacuum , (capacity 0.55 liters) the pool vacuum can absorb a large amount of contamination.
  • The filling level of the collecting container can be checked at any time thanks to the transparent cover and emptying the vacuum cleaner is child’s play thanks to the quick water release valve. This means that tank/pool cleaning can be done quickly and easily.
  • For particularly hygienic and clean wank/pool water, the BWT tank/pool vacuum BC30 is supplied with a 150 m filter insert. In addition, the vacuum can be equipped with a pool telescopic rod (not included in delivery).
  • Ideal for cleaning small pools and water storage tanks.

NB: Telescopic pole not included


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