BWT Bewamat 75A Water Softener


Soft water – for more hygiene, enjoyment and value retention. Soft water cares for the skin and looks after hair and body in a wonderfully gentle way.
Turn Showering and bathing into a wellness experience while protecting your household appliances from the damaging effects of limescale.

Installation and Operating Instructions

Prices include VAT and delivery fee for products over R1000. Excludes Installation cost, this price may vary by region. All prices are valid for South Africa only. Please contact your nearest H2O consultant for an installation quote. Please find contact details here.


  • Simplex, volumetric water softener with smart regeneration, fully automatic, programmable
  • Compact design
  • Individually adjustable water hardness level
  • Suitable for domestic use
  • Smart regeneration
  • User-friendly settings menu
  • Resin disinfection


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