BWT Glass Carafe


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  • HIGH-QUALITY GLASS CARAFE: High-quality, hand-blown glass carafe 1.1 l with silicone rim and shapely lid with 360° spout.
    PRACTICAL DESIGN: For cooling, the carafe can be placed in a beverage compartment of a standard refrigerator.
    SIMPLE MARKING: AQA tags in white and pink to mark still and sparkling water.


Product information “BWT Standard glass carafe”
With this stylish glass carafe you can upgrade every table, whether at home, in meeting rooms or in the office. The large opening allows easy and convenient filling, even of ice cubes or fruit and herbs. The shape of the carafe offers a pleasant comfort when touching and the shapely lid with 360 ° spout allows glasses to be filled unerringly. In addition, the glass carafe is mouth-blown and is framed by a silicone edge. The supplied AQA tags in white (sparkling) and pink (still) can be easily clipped to the closure and indicate whether there is still or sparkling water in the carafe. The guesswork and shaking are now a thing of the past.

Cleaning instructions
We recommend cleaning by hand. The use of a bottle brush made of foam or natural bristles is recommended. The bottle body can be cleaned in the standard household dishwasher. Here it is advisable to turn the carafe upside down and place it in the middle of the dishwasher. This is where the water nozzles reach the inside of the water carafe best. The cap is not dishwasher safe.


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