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Chloramine Removal Carbon Block – 10″

R795 R399


This is a specialized 10” carbon block specifically designed for the removal of chloramines.

Monochloramine is a disinfectant used by some municipalities as a substitute to using chlorine, due to its ability to remain active in the water for a longer period than chlorine.

As with all disinfectant chemicals used in water treatment this chemical and its by-products poses possible harmful side effects and should be removed from the water before consumption.

This cartridge has 4 times the capacity for reducing chloramines than standard carbon blocks and 2 times the capacity for reducing chlorine over standard activated carbon.

Add this cartridge to your existing water purification system if you are concerned about chloramines in your water and require 100% removal.


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Chloramine Removal Cartridge – 10″

Filtration media / steps: Expected maximum capacity

1 micron coconut shell catalytic carbon block

4,500 liters at 3.7 lt/min
7,500 liters at 1.9 lt/min
Average longevity Dimensions:
4 -6 months 24cm x 7cm


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