Cosmetal G662 Double Dispenser Tap


The Cosmetal G662 Double Dispenser Tap is designed to be used with high capacity, Cold & Ambient or Cold & Sparkling undersink water dispensers.

With a design similar in looks and function to common draft dispensing taps, it is perfectly suited for use in applications such as bars and restaurants. With it’s adjustable CO2 mix lever you can control the amount CO2 mixed into your sparkling water for optimum dispensing speed and taste.

Manufactured by Cosmetal in Italy, the design and materials are of top quality.


Cosmetal G662 Double Dispenser Tap


  • Dual draft-dispenser-style taps
  • Suitable for Cold & Ambient or Cold & Sparkling water
  • Adjustable CO2 mix lever
  • Stainless steel internal pipes
  • Includes 9m of black John Guest 8mm LLDPE tube
  • Includes 2 x John Guest 8mm x 8mm Straight Connectors
  • Made in Italy



  • Hole required for installation: Ø 34 mm
  • Maximum base thickness for installation: 100 mm
  • Water inlets: 2 x 8mm Ø stainless steel pipes


Suitable for use with:




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