Double Big Blue 20 inch - Fully Assembled



Product Features

– 2 Stages of Whole House Filtration

– Suitable for Municipal, Borehole and Well point applications

– Comes with options of a Sediment filter (in the 1st stage) and a carbon filter (in the 2nd stage)

– Standard 1 inch connections

– Perfect for treating water coming into your home

– Sediment Filter Capacities: 80 000 Litres

– Carbon filter Capacities: Between 50 000 and 60 000 Litres

– 1 x O-Ring

Suggested Cartridges for Double BB20 Full Set:

1st stage: 5-micron Sediment Filter cartridge (Click here!) for effective sediment and particle removal.

2nd Stage: Granular Activated Carbon cartridge (Click here!) for reduction of Chlorine and other harmful chemicals, as well as the improvement of taste, colour and odour of municipal water.


Double Big Blue 20 inch – Fully Assembled

2 x BB20 Housings with 1″ ports -Blue Sump

1 x Big Blue Bracket

1 x Spanner for Easier opening of 20″ Housings

2 x 1″ connectors

1 x O-Ring

Additional information

1st Stage:

No Sediment Filter, 5 micron Sediment Filter, 20 micron Sediment Filter

2nd Stage:

No Filter, 5 micron Sediment Filter, BB20 Carbon Block, BB20 GAC


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