Double Housing Whole House Water Filter

Double Housing Whole House Water Filter

The Double Housing Whole House Water Filter system is a pre-filtration system designed to remove all suspended particles as well as bacteria and cysts from your home’s incoming water.

It consists of a 5 micron pleated filter for removing sand, silt, slime, rust, mud and other suspended particles down to 5 micron and size, followed by a Nanoceram 0.2 micron electropositive pleated filter for the removal of very fine suspended particles including bacteria and cysts.

Both pleated filters produce very low pressure drops resulting in high flow rates. Pleated filters can also be periodically rinsed and cleaned to extend the filters’ lifespan.

Using a whole house pre-treatment system prevents sand and mud from entering your home’s pipes, geysers and washing machines, and ensures that your family are protected from possible harmful bacterial contamination.

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Double Housing Whole House Water Filter


  • Maximum operating pressure – 8.62 bar (125 PSI)
  • Minimum operating pressure – 2.75 bar (40 PSI)
  • Maximum water temperature – 50º C
  • Minimum water temperature – 4º C
  • Effective pH range – 5-10
  • Maximum recommended flow rate: 23 L/min
  • Inlet/Outlet – ¾” NPT
  • White epoxy coated double bracket
  • Ball valve included


  • Supplies pre-filtered water to every tap in house
  • Removes sand, silt, slime, rust, mud and other suspended solids
  • Protects against bacteria and cysts
  • Pleated filters produce minimal pressure drop and give high flow rates
  • Neatly installed against wall either outside, in garage or shed
  • Economical whole-house pre-filtration

Not Suitable for:

  • Non-municipal water
  • Removing salts & minerals
  • Removing chlorine or chemicals
  • Improving taste and odour

Suitable for:

  • Municipal water
  • Whole house pre-sediment filtration
  • Added protection against bacteria and cysts
  • To be used in conjunction with POU purification systems

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