EC 46 Scotsman Ice Machine

EC 46 Scotsman Ice Machine

24Kg Per Day, 9Kg Storage Capacity Includes delivery to main city centres.

  • Self-contained Supercube Gourmet Ice Makers
  • Self-contained unit.
  • Progressive Water Discharge.
  • Storage Capacity: 9kg (450 cubes).
  • Connects to water supply and drain.
  • Suitable for home bars and boardrooms.
  • Production capacity is calculated at:
    • 10°C Air Temperature and
    • 10°C Water Temperature.
  • • Please note that the production is lower at higher temperatures:
    • 21°C Air Temperature and
    • 15°C Water Temperature
    • expect 22 kgs in 24 hours.

The EC 46 is a neat and compact ice machine. With the ability to produce up to 24kg of ice cubes per day, it is a must have item if frequent entertaining is your forte. It stores up to 9kg of ice cubes at a time, ensuring that you will never run out or run dry! And with Progressive Water Discharge you no longer have to worry about drainage height or distance problems.

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EC 46 Scotsman Ice Machine

For over 50 years, Scotsman ice machines have produced pure, perfect, transparent ice, and have been recognized worldwide for their quality. Today there are over ONE MILLION Scotsman ice machines installed throughout the world. Manufactured in Italy and fully imported, Scotsman holds 71 international and 33 US Patents for unique features that have been developed into this innovative brand.

Scotsman’s formula for success starts with their research and development team, and continues with the reliability and versatility of their model range, and is now maximized by the incorporation of H2O International SA’s superior after sales service. With a wide range of different models to suit all applications; from restaurants to bars, supermarkets to industry, H2O International SA and Scotsman ice machines offer the all-round solution.

With over 30 different ice systems available, contact an H2O International SA franchise now, and chat to one of our skilled consultant to determine which Scotsman product is right for you.

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