Economy 10" Ultra Filtration Cartridge - 0.03micron

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Removes: Bacteria and Viruses

The UF Cartridges:

  • Are designed to fit into either a standard (slimline) 10 inch or 20 inch housing.
  • The UF Cartridges filters the water down to 0.2 Micron removing fine particles, and bacteria.
  • The UF cartridges exterior is just a hard plastic shell, which has a Ultra Filtration Hollow Fibre Membrane on the inside.

The Hollow fibre membrane, has dozens of hollow fibres and each fibre is lined with small 0.2 Micron holes.

The water passes from the outside of the hollow fibre to the inside of the fibre, leaving all the particle larger than 0.2 Micron on the outside of the fibre. The water then travels through the hollow fibre membrane and out the small holes at the top of UF cartridge.


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