Ecosoft Absolute 3 Stage Under Counter System


The Ecosoft Absolute is an affordable solution for the effective purification of water. Water Purifying is carried out in 3 stages, for each of which a separate cartridge is provided as part of the filter.

The Ecosoft Absolute Filter Replacement Set for 3 Stage System:

1st Stage: ECOMIX D37


  • Water Hardness and Salinity
  • Content of Chlorine, Organic and Organochlorine compounds.
  • Improves Colour, Taste and Odour

2nd Stage: ECOMIX D531


  • Water Hardness and Salinity
  • Content of Chlorine, Organic and Organochlorine compounds.
  • Content of Iron, Lead, and other toxic heavy metals.
  • Improves Colour, Taste and Odour

3rd Stage: CTO10: Carbon Block

This replacement filter uses high quality granulated activated carbon, from coconut shells.

The Ecosoft granular activated carbon replacement filter reduces the content of chlorine and chlorination by-products, as well as the concentration of heavy and non-ferrous metals, phenol, oil products, and pesticides. It also improves colour, taste, and odour of water. Due to its blocklike structure, it removes sediment sized 10 microns and larger.




Basic Information

Your water is purified using the Ecosoft Absolute can be used for drinking, cooking, and watering plants, as well as for vaporisation in household appliances such as irons, steam boilers, air humidifiers etc. Purified water does not lead to limescale formation.

Ecosoft Absolute System is:

  • A great source of drinking water 24/7, all year round
  • Reasonably priced, with budget services and expendables


  • A simple 3-step water purification system
  • Softens water and removes chlorine
  • 1-litre per minute filtration rate
  • Easy installation and replacement of cartridges
  • Compact filter dimensions

Filter structure

The Ecosoft Absolute consists of 3 housings with replaceable cartridges. To remove the housings for replacing the cartridges, you must use the spanner included in the installation kit. The filter is installed under the kitchen sink and is connected to the cold water inlet pipeline with separate tap mounted on the sink or the kitchen worktop.

Best suited for

The Triple filter Ecosoft Absolute is designed for a family of 3-4 people.

You can expect:

  • high-quality and low-cost water treatment
  • tastier meals
  • tea and coffee with a natural taste and aroma
  • a longer life for your appliances (kettles, irons, steamers, humidifiers) as they will be protected from limescale buildup and
  • purified water that can be used for watering flowers

BPA FREE. Ecosoft triple filters are made from primary food-grade materials (polypropylene). In the production of these plastics, bisphenol is not used, and their composition is in accordance with the EU Directive: “Items used for contact with food.”


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