Ecosoft Dual Gradient Sediment Filter 10″


Ecosoft Dual Gradient Sediment Filter 10″ 20-5 micron

  • Transparent water, protection of household appliances, pipes and main filter
  • Dirt-holding capacity is 3 times higher than conventional polypropylene replacement filters
  • It saves space

The filter is intended to purify water from sediment particles such as rust, sand, scale, silt etc. It provides protection of plumping and pipes from damages. Dual gradient design allows creating two distinct filter zones. Larger particles are trapped and filtered out in the first zone and the smaller particles are trapped in the second zone. It allows the cartridge to operate at higher velocities and lower pressure drop.

This structure allows filter efficient water purification with higher filtration rate with lower pressure drop.

Key advantages

  • 30 000 liters capacity
  • 3 times higher rejection rates comparing to standard PP filters
  • Low losses of pressures
  • Stable operation even in case of water turbidity changes
  • Superior quality, saving costs and space


Gradient Cartridge Comparison

  • Absolute protection

Gradient replacement filter, in contrast a conventional, not contaminated through the full depth. That is why it is able to purify 3 times more water.


  • Large active surface

Pollution evenly distributed over the layers, and do not concentrate only on the surface. Therefore, the gradient replacement filter retains 3 times more impurities.


Benefits of using the replacement filter

  • Shower and bath with pure and transparent water
  • Sanitary ware will sparkle, plumbing will be clean and working well
  • Shower and Jacuzzi sprayers will remain clean, water pressure will be high
  • Your home appliances and heating systems will work longer
  • Replacement filters for drinking water will have to be replaced much less often.


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